Are you enthusiastic about Business Intelligence, committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and bursting with innovative ideas? Then you might be just the person that Perfect Image is looking for to join the team.

Our ideal candidate

We need people who are problem solvers, team players and eager to learn. Every member of the BI team makes a big difference to Perfect Image, our customers, and the work we deliver. For us, it’s all about having a great team who enjoy what they do, working with leading technologies and creating IT solutions that consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Craig McGeough, Talent Acquisition Lead at Perfect Image

How we hire

At Perfect Image, we look beyond a CV. We want great people who are driven, want to succeed, want to learn – and who we can help get to where they need to be in their career.

Craig McGeough, Talent Acquisition Lead, Perfect Image

Why join Perfect Image?

81% of our staff say they are very satisfied working for Perfect Image. That’s because of our strong focus on recruiting, retaining and developing the fantastic people we have here.

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You can actually change things, and see the impact of your work at quite a quick and fast pace… Its approach to business is what makes it stand out. The ethics and morals of the business - it’s always about looking to do what’s best and right for the customer.
Peter Dinsdale, Data Protection Consultant, Perfect Image
Joining Perfect Image was somewhere I could get my hands on great technology but also that would be an environment I would enjoy working in and could really see the impact of what I was doing on a day-to-day basis… The key to longevity within a business is that you are able to grow as the business grows.
Michael McKie, Business Development Manager, Perfect Image
The environment created at Perfect Image is fantastic. Everyone is friendly and the atmosphere in the office is always great. It's exciting to be part of a growing business and even more exciting to contribute to that growth.
Steven Dent, UX Engineer, Perfect Image
We are very big on our people here. We do an awful lot for our people. Training wise, support-wise - the management are great.
Glynis Elrington, Head of Account Management, Perfect Image
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